Issuing a certificate of employment

Issuing a certificate of employment at the Office of the Government

Submission of a request:

Request requirements:
please specify:

  • your full name and date of birth
  • contact details for communications
  • the period for which the certificate is requested
  • the institution to which the document is to be forwarded

you can make a phone call to find out if your application has been received and registered at: +370 706 63739 or +370 706 63707.

Acknowledgment of receipt:
at your request, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt within three working days from the date of registration of your request at the Office of the Government, to the address or email specified by you, except the cases were the request is met immediately.

Procession time:
your request will be examined within 20 working days at the latest. Should the examination of your request require more time, we will notify you immediately of the reasons for extending the time for its examination.

Responding to a request:
we will respond to your request in the form in which it was submitted, unless otherwise specified by you.

Please contact – Personnel Management Unit:
Renata Sadzevičiūtė
+370 706 63709

Brigita Micevičienė
+370 706 63700

Last updated: 03-01-2022