Customers’ Helpdesk

Welcome to the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Here you can submit requests and complaints, and get information on the activities of our institution. You will be heard, understood, and rest satisfied with the service provided. The Open Government Unit of the Government Communications Department is ready to serve you.

Reception and service

Government Customers’ Helpdesk (Gedimino Ave. 11, Vilnius) serves customers in person. Upon arrival at the Government Customers’ Helpdesk, please call +370 5 266 3711, and you will be served by the Open Government Unit of the Government Communications Department. You will have an opportunity to submit a request or complaint, and get information on the activities of the Office of the Government.

At the Office of the Government, requests and complaints from individuals are received, responded to, and served in both the state language and English.

Opening hours of the Government Customers’ Helpdesk 

The Office of the Government can be contacted during the following working hours (there is no lunch break):

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 to 17:00

Friday: 8:00 to 15:45

On the eve of public holidays, working hours are shortened by one hour.

You can pre-register for the reception in the following ways:

On pre-registration, please indicate the time you wish to be served:

  • Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Friday 8:00 to 15:45.
  • Reception is open during working hours without a lunch break.

Contact telephones:

General: +370 526 63711

In English: +370 5 2098602 (Erika Kasiliūnaitė)

In German: +370 5 2098762 (Vaiva Bernotaitė)

In Russian: +370 5 2098795 (Ramunė Saveljevienė)

Submission of documents

Requests and complaints can be submitted in the following ways:

To make a request or complaint, please:

  • specify your full name or your legal entity name and contact details;
  • state the issue in a concrete and understandable way, provide the reasoning behind it;
  • sign the documents; electronic documents must have your electronic signature;
  • attach a translation into Lithuanian if the document is done in other language than English, German, or Russian.


  • we will respond to your request or complaint within 20 working days;
  • you will be notified of non-admission of your request or complaint within five working days;

Meetings with Members of the Government

To strengthen the dialogue between the public and Members of the Government, meetings between Ministers and the public are organised. During the meetings, matters relevant to the public are discussed, and proposals and ideas can be offered to separate Ministers.

You can register for a meeting with a Member of the Government in the following ways:

Individuals can meet with the Members of Government. For more information about the meetings between the Ministers and the public, please see HERE.


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Make a request/complaint

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Last updated: 01-08-2023